Wow, Thanksgiving has passed and December is almost here! It's been a wonderful year for FROSTED CAKE STUDIO and we couldn't have done it without your support! We are thankful for having shared many sweet occasions with you through cakes or events during the year. Please let us know if your year end festivities might include a custom cake or a private cake decorating event!

Giving Tuesday is a great time to tell you about an organization that we are proud to support. ICING SMILES is a non-profit that provides free celebration cakes to seriously ill kids and their siblings by matching volunteer bakers with medical families throughout the country. I got involved over seven years ago after reading a FB post from founder Tracy Quisenberry asking for help with this new found organization! I had just started decorating cakes myself and while my skills at that time were not up to the "dream" cakes they were looking for, I still wanted to get involved. I offered my time and Tracy quickly had me entering information into databases, researching state laws about cake donations, and matching family requests with volunteer bakers in their area.

Over the years, my cake decorating skills improved and I have baked cakes for several critically ill children through Icing Smiles in the Philadelphia area. (See some pics below.) It's really hard to put into words the emotions of baking for these families. Most have welcomed me into their lives and shared their stories along with their child's interests for the theme of their cake. Each one has been a completely different experience as the kids and circumstances vary, however, the common thread is the smile! It's wonderful to see and to be able to provide something special for a family facing such challenges. 

Over the years, Icing Smiles has grown! There are currently over 9,000 volunteer bakers and an administrative team of about 50, most of whom are also volunteers. Together they have served over 14,000 cakes! The cakes are donated by the baker, however, there are many other expenses incurred in running this operation as it is a business just like any other. Many costs are covered by monetary donations and sponsors. Frosted Cake Studio is proud to donate a portion of our proceeds to Icing Smiles and is the Pennsylvania State Sponsor. Please go to their website if you would like to donate or learn more about Icing Smiles.

Again, thank you for your support. In turn, Frosted Cake Studio is able to support Icing Smiles! Giving Tuesday is a nice reminder. Please donate your time, your expertise, or money if you're able to support the charities and organizations that are meaningful to you so that they can continue the work they do!